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Solutions To Asbestos-Mold and Lead Paint in Your Home or Business

Asbestos in the Home or Workplace:

Homes and commercial buildings build before 1989 could have material made with asbestos. Asbestos has fantastic insulation properties and is also highly resistant to fire. However, it’s been discovered to be highly dangerous.  Airborne asbestos fibers cab get trapped in the lungs and cause serious respiratory illness in humans. A specific type of cancer called mesothelioma is caused be exposure to asbestos.  Read more  on Asbestos…

Black Mold

Black mold is cause by moisture.  Below-grade areas such as basements are particularly vulnerable to mold because of the natural-occurring dampness.  Flooding is a major culprit of mold growth…often rapidly occurring.  Black mold is a dangerous health hazard and must be properly treated and abated to avoid spreading. Read more on Black Mold….

Lead Paint

Lead paint was found to be the cause of serious brain impairment, especially in children.


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